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Honey Bear Squeeze Bottle – I kept hearing about raw local honey for different health problems, have only taken it 3 times and I don’t CARE if it takes care of health problems (which I know it will) I LOVE THE TASTE! I am completely changing my eating habits and to have this to look forward to every night works on keeping on track, super easy. This? Or raw desert honey? Hmmm, no competition! Up until now, I have only had generic “honey” in the stores! NEVER again! I will have this in the house. 🙂 Thank you! Lisa R

Propolis Extract 50% 4oz – I have been on oxygen due to C.O.P.D… I started using the Pro-polis 50%Tincture liquid(3x’s a day) and the Pro-polis Capsules(2x’s a day) I take it faithfully and I am soo blessed and happy to say, I have not been on any oxygen for over 5 months now. I have my vitals done regularly and I can honestly say, that my O2 stays higher on the Propolis than it did on 3LT of oxygen. PLUS No heavy tank to carry… Carla

Raw Honey Quart 32oz – My husband and I take local honey for allergies. We love the taste of this honey way more than what we bought in Whole Foods before. Carmen

Diced Candied Ginger Root 4oz – The BEST! absolutely controls the nausea related directly from the virtigo. I was taking 50mg of Promethezine 2-3 times a day, which reeked havoc in my somach. While visiting my son in Vegas he told me mom, try this instead, now the rest is history. I’m a constant customer & telling my story thnx ParumpHoney Evangeline

Bee Pollen 32oz – Suffered for 2 years after moving to Vegas with my allergies. I was on all kinds of medication and had sinus surgery. Then someone told me about bee pollen. OMG this has been a God sent. No more meds that didn’t work anyway.
If you have allergies I would highly recommend using bee pollen. What a fantastic product.

Hand & Body Lotion 2oz We bought this last year during a US holiday and I’ve only just opened it up……WOW!! It really is one of the most beautiful skin creams that I’ve ever used (I’ve tried in the past some very expensive products).
The smell and feel of it is divine. Thank you and the bees for such a lovely product. We are returning this year and will buy more plus your honey which is also divine.
Fiona & Simon, London

Blog Post – I started taking your honey and Royal jelly in May.It has changed my life. I had chronic fatigue and shortness of breath,and now every day i have more and more energy!I am breathing freely!I am so thankful for you and your products.and of course to our wonderful bees!i was hoping it would help me and its done more than i imagined.Thanks again for your quality products. Shannon D

Beeswax Block 1 lb – Looked online at big retailers and after many reviews about varies brands of bees wax I almost gave up trying to make salves at home, but a friend of mine told me the local honey company sells them and has a website and I’m glad they did. The bars smelled very sweet and kind of flowery, but most importantly worked well in my salves and I was happy with my purchase. Tyler D